The Port Harcourt Polo Clubs is located in the second largest Local Government Authority in Nigeria, Obio Akpor Local Government. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Club

  1. Give out it’s practice field to schools around it’s vicinity for sporting activities.
  2. Arranges field excursions by schools to the club where kids visit the stables and get a chance to ride the horses and interact with them.
  3. Organizes Children Day Activities for kids the on 27 May. On this day the club sponsors the kids from Orphanages and Cheshire Homes.
  4. Organizes Family Days at every year-end. Orphan and kids from Cheshire Home are sponsored to this event where we have Santa Claus dole out gifts.
  5. Employs staff from the host community.
  6. Contributes and encourages Community related activities.